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Style - Design - Constrction - Beauty - Aesthetics - Precision

A Group dedicated to giving beauty to wood, giving style to the archer, resistance to the material, precision to the shot and prestance to the hunter. A group specializated in wood process to craft the bow you always dreamed of. One of a kind in the world, made to your dimensions, to your image, to your imagination. With indigena wisdom and "the secret of wood selection and treatement". With the experience of south american carpenters in their art, hand crafted. With the precision and field test of champion archers and experienced hunters.


EXOTIC WOODS: Because south american woods are unique and exotic. Because they are part of our culture and we possess the "secret of woods selection and treatement"that was taugth to us by the Pampas tribe.

EXCLUSIVE MULTILAYERING: Because our woods brings fine and beautifull appearance to the bow. See owr gallery to look the finished work in different pieces. Combine the woods you choose in the way you desire, without the limitations of the classic woods.

QUALITY PROCESS: Because each order is a project for us. Each piece of wood is special, exclusive and receiving complete dedications from our craftmen to achieve a perfect finish and a one of a kind product. Because the woods in every bow is field tested by our indigenas archers and perfected by the precision and experience of our champion archers.

TRANSPORT GUARANTEED:  we export as your needs. Special packaging to avoid transport humidity. We sent the products to any place of the world. Fast available shipments.

BEST PRICES: because we have the best prices to your business. Please contact us and ask the prices for your needs.



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